Journey of the Stoned


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"Journey of the Stoned" is an exercise in stoner riffs as taught by the high weed priests "BLACK SABBATH", "SLEEP" and "ELECTRIC WIZARD", and is also a tribute to the wonderful psychonaut Terence Mckenna. Let the hour long journey conjure bliss through your trip.

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Praise for "Journey of the Stoned":

"Another fantastic Aussie release this week! Damn, we've had quite a few. You see, this is a wild, raucous kicker of a record that makes you want to, I don't know, go out and do whatever the hell is going on in that album art there. Anyways, I think you'll dig 'em. Recommend!"


released October 30, 2015

All instruments, vocals and engineering by Marshall
Album art by Alex Wyndham



all rights reserved


TROLL Perth, Australia

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Track Name: Journey of the Stoned
Untold treasures live within your mind
Tear the fabric of this world, meet goddess of time
Secrets now bestowed through water chalice smoke
We're all on a journey, a journey of the stoned
Track Name: From One Plane To Another
I do not accept
What you clearly see
Voyage to the end
Invisible sea

It's time to go, it's time to lay down in peace
Your musings from the west and journeys to the east
Have brought you many things, feelings and the rest
You can't take anything when venturing to death
Remember when you soaked your hand inside the lake
You gazed into her eyes and told her it's too late
You passed up on your dreams and did what must be done
You haven't touched a thing, or moved anyone

Desert land, skeleton, take my hand

Pass through the gates, infinite waves caress your skin so dead
Procellous mandala, beginning is the end
Light speed travel leave our plane behind, ravenous
Devouring all of your being, soul master edacious
Astrocentric carnivore individual
Titan of the ancient lore summoned as the all
I was lying down as I faded so away
I've now travelled through false sky, my third eye is awake

Worship genetrix, god of death, get on your knees
Effulgent universe lies beyond all that is seen
We are never there until our conscious is released
Embrace your transformation, fourth dimension destiny

All that you can touch is not all that there is
We are never there 'til our conscious is released

I do not accept
What you clearly see
Voyage to the end
Invisible sea
Track Name: Mystic Ganja
It's like I'm trapped inside a nightmare
Imprisoned by these metal bars
It's not my fault I was thrown in here
And they won't let me end it all

There won't be any hope today
Sweet leaf you are so far away
Stuck rotting in my own despair
Get me outta here

Just one toke on the mystic ganja
I need to feel myself again
But there's no dope inside this prison
No way to find the riff filled land

Give me your power
Give me your high
Ascension from tension
Without you I'd die

Visions flooding of transcendent space
Rising self toward the hypnotic face
Psychic mission through electric sky
Ornamental rhythm opens eye

Don't throw away your chance of peace
If you cultivate the world's at ease
Sad to see you go down the wrong road
But I'll stay this way where I feel at home
Where I feel at home
Track Name: Wasted
The blind seek true enlightenment
Poison the senses, living hell
Thrive in disgust
We've sickened existentially
Weighed down by the things we don't understand
Carried away to our doom
The curtain falls, you are ashamed
The sickness wrought all in his name
No one looks out for you
You have no choice but to obey
And then your disease will take everything
Condemned to fail

Attack the town in disarray
To take the meat that's craved
Slovenly destroying ale
Ascend to drunken state

No saying no
Time to imbibe
Get fucking wasted
Conquer the night

Drink to get drunk

Plastered and totalled
The righteous at their knees
Attain the drunken godhood
From smashed entities

Fully tanked
We descend
Pilfered land
The venom staff
Ferments the gut
The foe defeated
We feed the rot
The poison weapon
Corrupts the brain
Channels the voices
Of the insane
We burn alive
Slaves to the drinking
Decayed inside

Tormented, infinitely drunk
Fire breathing poison in my lungs
The alcohol drips from my eyes
Fucked up and every day I die
Track Name: Party/Kill the Government
Is it time, is it time, I've been waiting a lifetime
Wanna ride? Take this party out around to the other side
You're so beautiful I can hardly believe my eyes
So stop waiting around, get up! Get on high!

I only need to see your face, and I know that I'm here
Your love is positive and nothing else comes near
It's gonna be so long, we gave up too soon my friend
So let's turn it around so the energy doesn't end

Ya gotta stop, gotta calm yourself down
Ya gotta shut it up, we don't want that around
I wish you'd look, I wish that you'd look and see
What's the point of a slave that doesn't know that they're free?

New enemy
No dignity
Your fuckin' lives at stake
And I just can't wait
The hatred's strong
Fuck what you've done
I'll break your neck if I see you
Reparations for the torture they lived through

Kindness towards the honest
They deserve the love, Earth's promise
Darkness towards the guilty
The laws of balance save me, yeah
Track Name: All Grey Skies
Cult worship him
Spreading blood
Let the spirit enter all among us
The soil offers no more life
Visions of death
What you're seeing is inevitable

I am absorbed into field
Through the mother taken back

Can you even wait?
Spill into life through transdimension tear
The knowledge of the bloodline
Now awakened permeates our air

Energy field I transmit
All my being taken in

There's another state
We are locked outside
Take me inside you
Patiently alive

Where do your hopes lie?
They cannot exist here
Watch as fear dances
This has what's come to be
All the wrong choices
All the filth you breed
All grey skies
All grey skies

Have you come to the office to kill?
Make us consume, thirst for your own outcomes
The estimates speak for themselves
See, we're never wrong!
Take please take, well why don't you help
You're drowning in cash, we're drowning in hell
Sick fucking sick, corporate
I rot in a cell while you fuck up our Earth
The power is ours to take
I stand by and watch what you do
Why should I not attack?
You are unworthy of seeing the field
Left alone and not taken back
This is time becoming aligned
Boundaries dissolve
Sit and do nothing, see what it gets
Gaia is dead
Fuck this whole race
Bathe in your foetid regrets
Track Name: Drink of the Ayahuasca
Until the end your mind projects your soul
I don't forget the value of it all
You're down so long no one even sees
You've gotta look for spirits in the breeze

Feel all our virtues
Praise the sky father
We now are sacred
Drink of the ayahuasca

You must release to see the golden vision
Worship the sun, await until it's risen
Merge into one, becoming what was destined
I gaze upon the psychedelic legend

I am witness to the truth
Feel the warmth inside of you
Spirits come out of the trees
Impart knowledge unto me
Forest speaks from other side
Ancestors will be our guide
DMT opens our minds
Take what's learned into your life

No point to anything
Spend your time complaining
Keep the world in poverty for the billionaires
Living like it's a game
No respect for us
Stuck with this system and there's no way out
You will all fall from grace
We will put you down
Stand up for everything nurtured in the ground

What will we all become
In this big asylum?
Watching as the world burns
Will you help, can you learn?

Our planet won't survive when it's in your hands
What can your money buy, who the fuck are you?
I place myself into the mystic field
Mother greets me with love
Track Name: The Holy Weed Cult
You took this world
And brought it down
Brainwashed the herd
Blocked out the sun

Ruins of great mosque of Damascus
Facing the end of days
Prisoners of the fallen wasteland
Radioactive cage
Looking out onto the bare horizon
Seeking fertility
Growing the shrub of the chosen prophet
The cult of the potent weed

Last zion pilgrimage
Find the planting ground
Enthalpy of formation
The divine touch

The global collapse formed from all warring nations
The ionization damaged victims of hatred
The end of the world is on you
Marijuana is truth

Taking over, radiation sickness
Becoming sentient psychoactive
Tetrahydrocannabinol demon
Nuclear mutant, enraged sativa

The bloodlust unfolds

The holy weed cult cleansed from the Earth
Cannabinoid god claims it's home
The crop covers the land now ending the journey of the stoned